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The Awesomeness Hernyzar

Me goes by named of Sarah Hernyzar binti Abdul Rahman. I am so messykiut and cOmOt sikit-sikit [dunt care actually comot ke apa ke as long as I'm the prettiest gurl in his (my bintang) life ~ hoho sound snobbish aite ! do i care... no no no !] ~ "Blessed with a tall, curvy figure, long legs, long & lustrous hair and very recognisable pouty lips" ---> I wish but hell no!!!! I'm just a simple and ordinary malay girl who likes to hang out with family and friends. I wanna look sexy but it doesnt mean I want my breasts hanging out. I love fashion and it doesn't mean I can wear short skirt or spagetti strips. For me t-shirt and jeans suit me well. all I can say bout' myself... I am very comot, don't have pretty facedon't have a drop-dead-gorgeous bodydon't have lotsa' money [i am Malaysian Next Top MILLIONAIRE ~ so ?], don't have a great jobdon't have a fancy cardon't wear expensive clothesdon't wear bling-bling accessoriesdon't wear make-upsdon't wear shoes that will cost me a bombI'm not friendly and I'm not kind at all!!!! FULL-STOP. would like to have some more ?

Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

This is truly ME~!!!
♠ unexpected system useless ~ u.s.u ♠ 
♠ outgoing personality ♠ 
♠ forgiving but never forgets ♠ 
♠ loves to be loved ♠ 
♠ takes risks ♠ 
♠ feeds on attention ♠ 
♠ loud and boisterous ♠ 
♠ VERY revengeful ♠ 
♥ easy to get along with and talk to ♥ 
♥ in need of "that someone" ♥ 
♥ stubborn ♥ 
♥ curious ♥ 
♥ mysterious ♥ 
♥ hates not being trusted ♥ 
♥ easily distracted ♥ 
♥ independent.playful ♥ 
♣ "every thing's peachy" ♣ 
♣ rebellious when withheld or restricted ♣ 
♣ lives by "no pain no gain" caring ♣ 
♣ longs for freedom ♣ 
♣ likes talking and singing ♣ 
♣ "charming" or "beautiful" to everyone ♣

who i like to meet??? gorgeous and handsome people only. haha ~ naa,i'm just kidding. of course i wanna meet new people with interesting personality (^_^)V 

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